Here at Dine n Vine, we want to show you how much we appreciate you and your business so we have launched our “Giveback” program. This is how it works.

For every dollar you, our Referral Partner spends, you will get back 2.5% of that dollar in the form of a check (yes and actual check), gift card or a donation to whichever charity you and/or your company supports. You get to choose.

The requirements are as follows:

You, our Referral Partner must host at least 2 events in a calendar month totaling a minimum of $150 each.

A calendar month is the actual 1-30 or 31st of each month. The entire month of January is considered a calendar month.

In addition, we want to reward you for sharing us with your co-workers, family and friends so when a you, our Referral Partner refers another who hosts 2 events in a calendar month totaling a minimum of $150 each, you will receive a one-time $25 bonus.

  • Work in a FUN, professional industry

Build your business around your passion for food and wine.

Help coordinate events partnered with other business professionals.

Build long lasting relationships with your clients.

  • Be your own boss

Enjoy the flexibility of making your own schedule.

Work around what’s important to you and your busy schedule.

You get to decide every single day what your life and your business looks like.

  • Support and company culture

Receive continuous support and recognition for your achievements.

Work in an environment where your peers want to help you succeed. Be a part of our family.

  • Make great money

We offer generous commissions and partnership bonuses with no glass ceiling.

Take advantage of self- employment tax breaks.

Become a Driver
  • Flexible Hours

Enjoy the ability to work around what’s important to you.

Decide when you want to work.

  • Work in a FUN, professional industry

Enjoy a new work experience every day.

Help deliver quality meals to other business professionals.

Provide excellent customer service in a professional environment.

  • Make great money

Enjoy driving? Make extra money while you do something you love.

Take advantage of self-employment tax breaks.

  • Signing up is easy

Go to the website.

Fill out the application and submit background check.

Make sure you meet the car requirements.

Start making money!